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Square Stage


Payment Standard 2023

1 BR      2 BR      3 BR      4 BR
 $879     $1,220     $1,435
$856       $967     $1,342      $1,579

PS 110%

    Income Limits
Per Household Size

  1 Person   2 Person   3 Person    4 Person    5 Person
   $23,850       $27,250         $30,650         $34,050        $36,800

Transfer Requests

Uvalde Housing Authority allows residents to transfer under certain circumstances which affect health or safety. Acceptable reasons for transfers include requests for reasonable accommodations (disabled residents), to allow modernization or construction, or as an incentive.


Residents requesting transfers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of at least one year

  • Ability to pass a criminal history request

  • Have not engaged in criminal activity that threatens the health and safety of residents and staff

  • Not owe back rent or other charges, or have a pattern of late payment (no more than two repayment agreements, or unpaid balances at any time in the past year)

  • Have no housekeeping lease violations or history of damaging property

  • Ability to get utilities connected in the name of the head of household (applicable to properties with tenant-paid utilities)

  • No history of disturbances in lease violations or violence toward staff or neighbors as indicated by notices of violation in the applicant’s file

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