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Payment Standard 2024

0 BR      1 BR      2 BR         3 BR      4 BR
     $881     $1,020     $1,437   $1,653
$873      $969      $1,122      $1,581    $1,818

PS 110%

    Income Limits
Per Household Size

  1 Person   2 Person   3 Person    4 Person    5 Person
   $25,250       $28,850         $32,450         $36,050        $38,950

Recent studies highlight the escalating issue of senior homelessness and housing instability, underscoring the need for immediate, effective solutions.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) identifies seniors as the fastest-growing group experiencing homelessness, with one-third of the chronically homeless population over 55 as of 2020. These older adults, often dependent on public benefits due to limited income opportunities, face unique challenges like fixed incomes and difficulties finding accessible housing, exacerbating their housing affordability issues (Reverse Mortgage Daily). 


In response to this critical need, we've created a comprehensive guide that serves as a lifeline for seniors and their families navigating these challenging circumstances. Please visit this link to review our resource:


Our guide includes:

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